Monday, April 4, 2011

Expert-Learner! from and for #sschat

Tonight, I was on #sschat and mentioned a process - I call Expert Learner.  I thought I would describe it here.

Step 1 - Take notes you used to give as a lecture and divide logically (4-6 topics - smaller the better)
 Example: Accomplishments of So-and-So's Presidency
Step - 2 Make copies of these "Expert" sheets
Step 3- Make a control sheet for kids to track their progress and answer questions abut topic.

Set up room with one desk facing another (have one partner with back to the wall.

Kids with back to wall are Experts
Kids facing Expert are learners.

Have a "waiting desk" for kids waiting for partner.

Learners take notes as read to by Expert.
Expert may not show learner the Expert sheet.

When done:

Learner becomes Expert (reinforcement and new modalities)
Expert moves to become a learner with a new partner (social/bodily kinetic).

~if at new partnership Expert is ready to teach something learner has notes on, teacher just trades Expert sheet.~

Teacher serves a maitre-de! Does get hectic but fun!