Monday, April 4, 2011

Expert-Learner! from and for #sschat

Tonight, I was on #sschat and mentioned a process - I call Expert Learner.  I thought I would describe it here.

Step 1 - Take notes you used to give as a lecture and divide logically (4-6 topics - smaller the better)
 Example: Accomplishments of So-and-So's Presidency
Step - 2 Make copies of these "Expert" sheets
Step 3- Make a control sheet for kids to track their progress and answer questions abut topic.

Set up room with one desk facing another (have one partner with back to the wall.

Kids with back to wall are Experts
Kids facing Expert are learners.

Have a "waiting desk" for kids waiting for partner.

Learners take notes as read to by Expert.
Expert may not show learner the Expert sheet.

When done:

Learner becomes Expert (reinforcement and new modalities)
Expert moves to become a learner with a new partner (social/bodily kinetic).

~if at new partnership Expert is ready to teach something learner has notes on, teacher just trades Expert sheet.~

Teacher serves a maitre-de! Does get hectic but fun!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IDEA: Need your help/feedback

As you know we have the make your own PD coming up. Sadly, we were unable to have Adam from edutecher present. With that said....

My idea: 10th period - Twitter for Teachers.

After the regular scheduled day, I would like to offer an extra session about the benefits of twitter. Hopefully, this would encourage more and more of us to adopt twitter as a source for PD.

Often other educators ask us "How did you find this website/webtool/idea?" Time and time again the answer is twitter. Imagine having the chance to pick who you stand around the watercooler with and from whom you can steal great ideas.

Would you be interested?
Do you think we could get anyone else to attend?
Any advice?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Web Wednesday wrap-up

Our first ever Web Wednesday saw eight teachers venture to the computer lab to share web tools and ideas. Although we had hoped for a bigger turnout, I was happy with how it went and thankful for those who did come. We sent out a follow-up survey to acquire feedback on how to improve for the next Web Wednesday and received some valuable feedback. One teacher suggested having short mini-lessons to show just how exactly to use a web tool in class. Another suggested that we all "bring a friend" to the next workshop. All in all, it was a positive experience. Thank you to those who came and shared ideas!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Web Wednesday" Coming Soon!

As another initiative of LiME, we are trying to organize "Web Wednesday", a once-a-quarter collaborative technology workshop, for teachers by teachers. Click here for the invitation that we plan to send to the entire district faculty. We would like to get your input and comments on the whole idea before we send it to the rest of the staff.

-What do you think of this "Web Wednesday" concept?
-Does the invitation seem welcoming enough and provide all necessary information?
-Is the sign up link accessible enough?
-What tech tools would you be comfortable sharing?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LiME gathering, anyone?

Before Brad's schedule gets crazy with basketball (November) and before I leave to have a kid (January; I'm still not used to that idea!), I'd love to get together in person and have a technology share-a-thon.  I'm offering my place.  It's not super big, but it's in Bordentown and close to the school.  We can all bring our laptops, a dish of food to share, favorite beverage, and our best ideas.  Anyone interested, and, if so, are there any evenings in October that the interested parties are available?

"Reform is Happening": A message about TSETC from NMHS Principal Eric Sheninger

On his blog, "A Principal's Reflections", Eric Sheninger reflects on the Tri-State Education Technology Conference.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello! I wanted to share this lesson plan with you all (and the rest of the world). It is an outgrowth of my experiences at #TSETC. I am planning to share it with my twitter followers and anyone else for review. In Economics, I have a one prep class - this allows/encourages me to experiment more than my other courses.

STEP 1: Students will take practice quiz about demand from the book. They will work with a partner and have access to their top 12 slides from Monday. On Monday, they were given over 55 slides about section 1 on demand. They were asked to pick the 12 slides that should have made the "cut"; in addition I asked them to draw their 13 slide.

STEP 2: Then I am going to ask them to visit and take notes on there collectively using TitanPad. I will expect to see each person post 8-10 thoughts on Demand from that reading.

STEP 3: Students will visit a reading on economics and be asked to create a zooburst with 5 pages - one per determinant. The last step is to complete another practice quiz.

Please feel free to pick this apart and offer a few suggestions.