Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IDEA: Need your help/feedback

As you know we have the make your own PD coming up. Sadly, we were unable to have Adam from edutecher present. With that said....

My idea: 10th period - Twitter for Teachers.

After the regular scheduled day, I would like to offer an extra session about the benefits of twitter. Hopefully, this would encourage more and more of us to adopt twitter as a source for PD.

Often other educators ask us "How did you find this website/webtool/idea?" Time and time again the answer is twitter. Imagine having the chance to pick who you stand around the watercooler with and from whom you can steal great ideas.

Would you be interested?
Do you think we could get anyone else to attend?
Any advice?


  1. I would be interested in attending, BUT I don't see many teachers staying at school longer than the required amount of time. It's the week of Thanksgiving and many might be burnt out from all the other PD activities. You might get a better turn out if it's part of a Web Wednesday. ANd that's how Wright C's it. (Glee joke. Probably none of you watch Glee because you're beyond vacuous television.)

  2. Thanks to everyone who attended!