Sunday, August 1, 2010

Smart Notebook software benefits?

So... I'm hoping to get a Smartboard..... eventually. And I'm taking these free online classes from Smart. My big idea so far is to have the capability to instantly print off notes for students whose needs require it. But I'm still trying to figure out why I would use the Smart Notebook software instead of Powerpoint on the board. I'm beginning to think that Smart Notebook just does everything PPT does, and more, so I might as well use it instead. Is that correct? Do you have a smartboard? Do you like it? Is it more than just a glorified whiteboard to you? Does anyone just still use PPT, or do you stick with the Notebook program? Any thoughts?

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!


  1. I don't have a Smartboard but I have an Activboard, and yes, I love it. It can do a lot more than Powerpoint. One problem is that I have so many premade PPTs and recreating them in the Activboard Software (called Promethean) takes way to long. Also, for a PPT-like presentation, with the Activboard you don't have to select and unselect the pen when you advance each slide. However, I still use PPT a lot. There's a way to convert them but it's not that great. I use the Promethean Planet website which has free presentations for the Activboard. I download the presentations that have what I want (drag and drop; matching vocabulary; backgrounds; etc) and then modify. This year, I plan on integrating the Activboard more with note-taking. I'm going to have student volunteers take notes as we have class discussions. Then I can post them on edmodo or another site. I'm thinking I'll have to use the "print screen" option because the kids won't have the software at home. The Activboard also has a ton more bells and whistles like timers, ticker-tapes, spotlight functions, calculators. . . .Hope that helps!

  2. thanks! i forgot we use activboards... hmm.. all of my pre-work work may have been for naught! hopefully it's not too different from smartboard. That print screen idea is good and I'll take a peak at the promethean planet. Thanks!