Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lets Get It Started!

Hey! We are thrilled that we have found this many like minded educators! LiME is our chance to talk/support each other - please feel like LiME is your as much as anyone else. If everyone feel ownership of LiME it will be more successful.

Here are the first two "items":

1) I would like to host a
LiME kick off dinner at my house sometime between now and the start of summer. How does June 16th look for everyone? Also, I know that we have some dietary concerns that I need to be aware of - If you have any - please let me know!

2) What web based things have you used this year? What level of success have you enjoyed with these tools?

I am looking forward to this process!


  1. what do you use quizlet for? How does it help?

  2. I would like to know about quizlet too!

    I can do the 16th--no dietary concerns, let me know what to bring.

  3. The 16th sounds good. I'll eat just about anything ;-P. Let me know what you will need me to bring.