Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Smartboard in your classroom? Gotta Wii-mote?

Johnny Lee demos Wii Remote hacks | Video on

This is awesome... even if you already have a smartboard in your classroom, you could try this at home. It took a minute for my husband to do it with a wiimote and a regular tv remote control (which gives off the infrared light, since we didn't buy an infrared pen yet). Incredibly easy, cheap touch-screen solution. (I do not have a smartboard in my classroom so I might buying a wii-mote and a infrared pen (about $50 altogether to make one myself.)

Browse, there are so many interesting videos. How about math and some intense origami? Great for in the classroom or just for us to keep ourselves learning.


  1. How do you get the Wii mote and the computer to talk to each other?

  2. This is Johnny Lee's website
    At the bottom of the page, there is a link to the wii remote project.
    I didn't read the whole set of directions, but I think you need a "compatible PC Bluetooth adapter."

  3. Yeah, on Johnny Lee's website, there's a free downloadable program that does the helps you calibrate the wii to the computer and all. Our Mac automatically has bluetooth. :)

    down with PC's... vive le Mac!